Working with you

Working with you

Outsourcing, projects or consultancy

We understand that some travel and tourism clients need an ongoing relationship whereas others simply have a one-off issue which needs addressing. That some clients are looking purely for strategic input into their approach to a market while others need extra “project based” resource. That more and more travel clients are looking for full or partial outsourcing solutions. We also understand that some clients need all those things at different times. Hume Whitehead is flexible in the way we work with clients. We’re happy to adapt to your needs – please talk to us about your requirements.


We are happy to take on entire responsibility for your marketing, PR and/or sales, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of the rest. We work hard to tailor our offering to your individual needs and to work as an extension of your organisation by immersing ourselves in your culture and values. Benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Expertise –access to senior staff with in-depth travel industry experience.
  • Speed – We have the infrastructure and network in place to hit the ground running,
  • Cost effective – You pay for what you need when you need it
  • Presence – Bespoke presence in the UK, without costly overheads
  • Flexibility – you can turn the extra resource on and off without long-term commitment
  • Simplicity – you have one point of contact and leave the rest to us
  • No bias – unlike specialist agencies, we’ll recommend the best solution for the situation, not the best solution to fit our own agenda
  • Consistency – channeling all your activity through Hume Whitehead ensures a consistent look and tone across all media and markets.


We are happy to undertake work on a project by project basis if you don’t require ongoing support. Maybe you have seasonal demand for extra resource, a short term short-fall in-house or a particular skills gap. Our team has experience across the broad spectrum of PR, Marketing and Representation within the travel and tourism sector. If you feel you’re juggling too many balls, let us catch some for you.


If you would like some expert input into your business strategy for the UK market, we’re happy to offer unbiased advice. Our views are based on years of experience and our input is carefully considered. We’d love to be your “fresh pair of eyes” so please contact us if you’d like an innovative, external perspective. Our approach remains the same – no buzzwords, no jargon, no stating the obvious; instead we’ll work hard to create tailor-made solutions which deliver great results.

Both have a huge work ethic, are great communicators and their dedication and pro-activity are endless.

Mandy Nickerson, Managing Director, Bales Worldwide

Hume Whitehead are great ambassadors for their clients.

Teresa Machan, Editor of Special Reports, Daily Telegraph